Beefing up Your Virtual Front Door


straightlineautomotivegroup.comBeefing up Your Virtual Front Door

     When we are online, being safe should be a priority. Do not be fooled by the reasoning that when you are not famous no one has any reason to hack your account. Unfortunately, anyone who ever had a presence online will be hacked or attempted to be hacked into their online presence. Nowadays, even your email and phone number is information that someone would pay for online. Information is money and that is what hacking is all about – personal information. So what do you usually do to get online? Log in using a password right? Now your password is usually just that one thing getting in between you and a hacker to get your personal information. Consider your password your virtual locks to your front door. Just like any lock, they too can be beefed up and made more secure. You would not want any unwanted intruder into your house, would you? The basic principles surrounding your home security is the same as securing your online safety. Whatever the activity you are doing, be it research, online gaming, social media, business, work or online gambling, it is important to be on your guard and always be aware of threats lurking about in the Virtual world. In online gambling, there are inherent risks as you would be required to deposit sums of money for your bets. Seek out reputable sites such as daftar poker as they have built-in safety nets and are quite respectable. Always look for the padlock icon in your address bar to ensure that the connection is secure.



   Choose the strongest password that you are able to create and without using words that can be associated to you, such as your kid’s names, your girlfriend’s names or anything that might be connected to you personally. You can either use a password generator or employ a few techniques. Make your password longer, longer passwords starting from 12-15 characters are harder to break by brute force ( the equivalent of kicking down your door). Other suggestions for strong passwords would be to pick a line from a song and use the first two letters of each word in a combo. Use complexity and length at the same time to make it even harder for hackers to break. If the complexity is such that you can no longer remember it at all, use a password manager. Look them up online as there are a lot and most are reputable. Look at reviews and choose the longest running and with the most positive of reviews. Also as a standard, use 2-factor authentication to secure your accounts together with the password.